Do You Have Very Less Space? Try Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes For Effective Spacing

types-wardrobesMost people with less space tend to think that a wardrobe may not be the perfect choice for them. This is due to the common reasoning that a wardrobe consumes a whole lot of pace in a room so you need to have enough of it. However, this should not be always case. There are smart ways of having a wardrobe in your room and still have space for various fittings within the area. One of the types of wardrobes good for a person with such a need is floor to ceiling wardrobes. As the name suggests, they are designed in such a way that there is more focus on the length rather than the width. Floor to ceiling wardrobes can help you minimize on the less space you have while still giving you the benefit of an arranged closet of clothing items and other accessories.

They are also advantageous in that there is reduced cleaning effort. Have you ever tried to clean a wardrobe that was obviously too high for you? It can be a very frustrating experience. However, since floor to ceiling wardrobes are fitted with no spaces left on the upper side and lower, there is no way cob webs or dust might penetrate through. This makes your work easier. Here are other advantages of such wardrobes;

  • They make the room look neat
  • They are easy to install than other types of wardrobes like built in wardrobes home
  • They require less space therefore can accommodate people with smaller houses
  • They look beautiful, elegant and classy.

Here at fci London in London we have a cute collection of floor to ceiling wardrobes for every customer. Do not let less space prevent you from getting that smart wardrobe in your room. Call us today and we will ensure it happens.